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7 Criterias to choose a reputable OEM bag and backpack manufacturer

Are you a business that needs to order backpacks and bags in bulk?

You do not know how to choose a company that makes bags and backpacks to ensure the output quality of the product, do you ?

So, let’s learn about 7  criterias with Hoang Ngan to choose the most prestigious quality bags and backpack company!

7 Criterias to choose a reputable OEM bag and backpack manufacturer

7 Criterias to choose a reputable OEM bag and backpack manufacturer
7 Criterias to choose a reputable OEM bag and backpack manufacturer

As soon as we know, there have been many businesses have troubles on the production quality of many companies producing backpacks and bags today. With the increasing level of establishment of factories, countless newly established garment factories have claimed to have many years of experience.

Consequently, the information is mixed, businesses should be really careful before signing contracts with bags and backpacks manufacturers

Here are several criterias for you to self-evaluate to choose the most prestigious company specializing in sewing bags and backpacks today:

Time to go into operation

One of the prerequisites to evaluate a reputable bags and backpacks sewing company is based on their time in this field. If it is a reputable garment company, quality requires them to go through many years of operation, constantly improving to be able to catch up with competitors. Established for a long time, it proves that they are trusted by many reputable businesses, so they can stand up to this day.

Specific transparent address

Reputable bag and backpack manufacturing companies do not hesitate to leave a specific factory address and company headquarters so that customers can visit and see how they work. A  reputable company will be confident to create conditions for customers to visit the factory, with a professional operation method.

Office decoration of Hoang Ngan company
Hoang Ngan’s office in Hanoi, Vietnam

Factory facilities

For a unit with a high reputation in the field of producing quality backpacks, it requires them to equip their factories with modern and advanced machinery, high-quality sewing and printing techniques to ensure product output best product. Therefore, you will also easily recognize whether the establishment is reputable or not through this criterion.

processing factory of bags and backpacks made in Vietnam
one of Hoang Ngan’s processing factory
Hoang Ngan bag manufacturer in Vietnam
Hoang Ngan bag manufacturer in Vietnam

The staff

The team of workers is the core that determines 80% of the quality of the product. The company owns a rich workforce of up to hundreds of employees along with the selection of highly skilled workers to ensure this is a reputable sewing company that you cannot ignore.

Material to choose for production

Always want to bring quality, durable bags that can be used for a long time. The company that makes gift bags and backpacks often gives priority to choosing the best materials to ensure durability, aesthetics as well as the health and safety that the product can meet.

Partners have cooperated

If you are afraid of advertising and false information, you can refer to the partners who have cooperated with them to know if the company that sews backpacks and bags is reputable or not.

If you receive positive feedback after cooperating with that handbag company, you can also rate this as a reliable place for you to choose to send gold.

Production capacity

Long-term experience, rich and strong workforce, professional working style combined with modern high-tech machinery will of course ensure the source of goods for large quantity production in a short time. present extremely effective labor productivity – a characteristic of a reputable backpacking company that you cannot ignore.

Hoang Ngan – the leading prestigious manufacturer of backpacks and bags in Vietnam

Hoang Ngan is proud to be one of the prestigious gift bag sewing companies in Vietnam. We have had more than ten years of experience in sewing bags and bags of all kinds, specializing in supplying many different large and small business units, not only producing to serve domestic enterprises but also exporting to many countries in the world such as Japan, Korea, USA, Russia, etc. Some domestic enterprises are currently collaborating with Hoang Ngan such as Samsung, Viettel, TH true milk, HJC, Canon, Panasonic, etc.

Additionally, Hoang Ngan company is established in 2010, office  based on 3rd floor, A2 Building, Phuong Dong Green Park Apartment, Tran Thu Do Street, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam. Our company operates with more than 400 skillfull sewing workers in three factories in provinces of Vietnam: Bac Ninh, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa  with a scale of 20,000 m2, equipted modern machinery and large workforce with a lot of experience working with fast style. Agility and enthusiasm create high performance in work. We guarantees to bring really quality backpack and bag products as the promise that we commit.

Read more of our details here.

We would like to serve a  “competitive prices – guaranteed product quality – ontime delivery” service.

If you are finding a supplier having ability to manufacture thousands bags & backpacks per month with large quantity and high quality but competitive prices, please contact us to have more detailed information and become our longlasting cooperators!

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Email: yen.hoang@thongtingia.com
Phone: + 84 398 453 498 ( Wechat/ Whatsapp)


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    I witnessed a swindle in the past. Our supplier nearly appropriated a large amount for a big order of our company. Fortanately, we detected a little mistake in their document and unmasked their lie. It sounds a unfact story, but it’s our really very very bag experience

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      Be a supplier, I am afraid of, too. So I write that post with the aim to help you becareful in choosing a cooperator
      And If you have concern on bags and backpack, let me know, I think we can discuss more

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