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Currently, planter bags made from geotextiles to grow plants and clean vegetables at home is very popular. They has gradually replaced traditional planting methods such as using foam, plastic containers, etc.

Let’s learn more about the advantages of this method with Hoang Ngan OEM Bags & Backpacks.

Benefits of  geographic planter bag

Geographic Planter bag

The method of growing plants with cloth bags is similar to growing plants with smart plastic pots. Besides, their partially submerged design to increase the supply of water and nutrients to the roots, helping the plants to grow well.

1. High strength, good drainage

Geotextile with high strength, good heat resistance can exist a long time outdoors without fear of tearing the bag, breaking the fabric, fixing the ground well. Therefore, it does not affect the development of the soil crops. The geotextile is made of fiber through the heat press needle piercing process, which easily allows water to pass through both vertically and horizontally, preventing soil and fine sand from falling out.

2. Easy and fast construction

Planting with cloth bags saves time and effort, you can sow seeds directly into the bag without sowing in a separate tray. Thanks to the flexibility of the geotextile, the roots can grow freely inside or out of the bag without affecting the bag or the growth of the plant. Especially in the same bag can grow many small trees.

3. Flexible arrangement, suitable for many different locations and spaces

The bags are quite small and light, so it is easier and more convenient to arrange and decorate the garden according to your preferences. It is possible to use more types of hanging ropes, bracket systems for vertical gardening, hanging gardens, maximizing space.
It is possible to plant a combination of different plants, saving garden space, creating aesthetic value for the house.

grow trees with climb up planter made from geographic textile bag
Grow trees with climb up planter made from geographic textile bag

4. Cost saving

Planting trees with geotextile bags will help save costs more than conventional cloth bags, geotextiles can be sewn with different sizes of canvas bags, for a long time of use, about 5 year (compared to ordinary cloth bags, which can only be used for about 2 seasons)

5. Plants grow well, give high yield

Geotextile bags have small holes to help breathe, increase the circulation of oxygen, help plant roots develop better, absorb nutrients more effectively, plants grow faster. , thereby resulting in higher crop yields. This method will be very suitable for households who want to grow clean vegetables, fruits and agricultural crops at home.

High productivity when grow cucumbers in geographic planter bag
High productivity when grow cucumbers in geographic planter bag

6. Safe, environmentally friendly

Crop geotextile is made from virgin polypropylene or polyester fiber with high strength, odorless, tasteless, no harmful chemicals are used in the production process, safe for humans and pets, friendly with the environment.


Plan a vegetable garden with geographic planter bag
Plan a vegetable garden with geographic planter bag

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