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Anti-humpback backpack for children

What is anti-humpback ? How is anti-humpback backpack?

According to statistics from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), every year tens of thousands of children are treated for backpack-related injuries. In Vietnam, there are quite a few children with spine affected by carrying heavy bags and backpacks. Anti-humpback backpack is considered the most effective solution today. Join Hoang Ngan to find out immediately what is anti-humpback backpack, how to prevent humpback?

 What is an anti-humpback backpack?

Today, due to many unhealthy living habits, children can be hunched over. One of the harmful habits is wearing too heavy backpacks when going to school. To minimize the harmful effects of wearing heavy backpacks, anti-humpback backpacks were born. Japan is the birthplace of anti-humpback backpacks. The anti-hunchback backpack is called Randoseru in Japanese. This is an item that is required by the Japanese Ministry of Education for elementary school students here.

What is an anti-humpback backpack? Anti-hunchback backpack is a product specifically designed to help support and protect the child’s spine. The main purpose is to reduce the weight on the shoulders, prevent hunchback for children.

How is the anti-humpback backpack?

The back of the anti-humpback backpack is studied and designed with convex points according to the shape of the back and spine. The back will hug the back vertically. Comes with a super soft back cushion to evenly distribute the back force. Avoid putting gravity on the bottom to help protect the child’s spine. Minimizing hunchback disease for children.

The backpack straps are designed to be large, made from thick foam padding. Can be adjusted up and down to fit the user’s body shape. At the same time, it helps to keep the backpack close to the back and shoulders. Evenly distribute the weight, reducing the pressure on the shoulder. Therefore, a backpack can be used for up to 5 years of primary school. Especially with such a design, the baby will not have shoulder pain when wearing the bag for a long time.

Where is the anti-humpback backpack guaranteed?

In addition to the above-mentioned outstanding reasons, are there any other outstanding reasons that customers should choose Vietnamese Bags and Backpacks sewing factory to order travel backpacks? Follow the features below to learn more about our sewing factory!

Seniority in the garment manufacturing industry

All products are manufactured according to the process by a team of skilled workers, supervised by highly qualified people in the workshop. With long-term experience in the industry, strict quality control QC process ensures products are manufactured on schedule and on schedule.

Hoang Ngan bag manufacturer in Vietnam
Hoang Ngan bag manufacturer in Vietnam

Closed workshop, meeting environmental standards

Hoang Ngan Bags & Backpacks is a factory under a strict closed process, all stages are specialized by a good team. The production process follows the rules and technology, modern machinery lines, meeting environmental protection standards.

Diversity of models

Hoang Ngan company with a variety of designs and rich products. Raw materials and accessories are imported and unique, with warranty, including products such as school backpacks to work backpacks, canvas bags, travel bags and some accessories.

24/7 consulting support service

Customers when ordering student backpacks at  Vietnamese Backpacks and Bags  will be supported 24/7 by a team of professional and enthusiastic consultants. You can completely  FREE design and adjust to your liking until before the production date. Contact Vietnamese Backpacks for a free consultation today.

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