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Camouflage military backpacks & bags

Vietnam OEM Camouflage military backpacks & bags

Camouflage military backpacks & bags/ Military backpacks & bags are favored by those who love Military fashion designed with strong camouflage details and using high-quality materials.

Military backpacks are currently considered one of the favorite fashion backpacks by a group of young people with a special personality in the fashion room. Also known as the Military fashion style, the military backpack gives its owner an unusually unique character.

military bags equipt for soldiers
Military bags equipt for soldiers

1. Military fashion style and military backpack line

Military style is understood as Military style, ie the outfit is inspired by equipment for soldiers. Just talking about the above concept, we can feel that the Military style is personality, dusty, strong, and of course completely unmistakable.

When it comes to clothes designed to pursue Military Style, one must mention Khaki material as one of the top choices. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman pursuing this strong and liberal style of resistance, Khaki cannot be missing from your wardrobe.

In the details that the soldier carries with him, the backpack is an almost indispensable and replaceable item. For those who follow the military style, the military backpack is the highlight that makes a unique difference.

military style
Military fashion style

2. The difference between military backpacks and regular backpacks

Initially, military backpacks were specialized items for people studying and working in the State army. Therefore, military backpacks are designed differently from popular fashion backpacks.

2.1. Smart, handy design with many compartments

To be designed to carry supplies when marching, military backpacks are always relatively large compared to regular backpacks. A military-style backpack has a capacity that usually ranges from 40 to 70 liters. In addition to 2 large compartments, the military backpack has many small compartments inside and outside to help classify many items and furniture in the most scientific and orderly way.

In particular, military backpacks are always designed specifically according to the mechanism of reducing pressure on the shoulders and back to help soldiers wear them comfortably when traveling on long marches.

2.2. Superior material waterproof, durable

The most common fabrics used to make military-style backpacks are 400 or 800D Oxford fabric and polyester fabric. These materials have the advantage of high strength and good resistance to water absorption. Thus, helping the backpack to adapt to all types of weather, not to be afraid of mold, and safely store the items inside.

2.3. The strong style of a soldier

Camouflage military backpacks
Camouflage military backpacks

It can be said that the first impression you feel when looking at a Vietnamese military backpack is strong and dusty. These backpacks are often designed with camo-camouflage patterns with the military’s characteristics. Because this is a military backpack, the natural camouflage colors include the green of the trees; yellow, brown of the soil, and gray, and black of gravel and stone … Therefore, these military backpacks always bring a sense of personality and freedom to the user.

3. Distinctive features of the military-style backpack

Some outstanding features of military backpacks you should refer to and consider to decide whether to buy this type of backpack or not!

3.1. Strong, personality military backpack

Strong and dusty are the impressions you get when looking at a military-style backpack. These backpacks often have military camouflage patterns. Colors are rusty with nature such as the green of trees; brown, earthy yellow, black, stone, gravel… Genuine military backpacks always bring a unique personality and difference to the user.

3.2. Specialized design with multiple compartments

Military backpack with mutiple compartments
Military backpack with mutiple compartments

Specialized design with many compartments to carry military supplies, military backpacks are always large. The volume of military-style backpacks usually ranges from 40 to 70 liters. In addition to 2 large compartments inside the middle of the bag, the military-style backpack has many delicately designed compartments inside and out to help users easily classify their belongings and items in the most orderly manner.

3.3. Durable, water-resistant material

The fabrics used to make military backpacks are often mentioned: polyester fabric, fabric 400, and 800D Oxford. The materials are durable, waterproof, and have good bearing capacity. Thereby helping the military-colored backpacks adapt to all types of weather, not afraid of mold, affecting the items inside.

3.4. Distinctive camouflage colors and patterns

Camouflage colors and textures parten
Camouflage colors and textures parten

Camouflage (Camo – delicious, roughly translated as “camouflage”) is a combination of timeless military fashion style with street breath.

Because the camouflage pattern fully shows the strong character of the soldier. True to the taste of those who follow this style.

3.5. Good carrying capacity and bearing capacity

military backpack with good carrying capacity and bearing capacity
Military backpack with good carrying capacity and bearing capacity

Military backpacks have many types of large and small to suit the needs of size and variety of colors. With the specialty of the backpack, all the shape and size elements are very different when compared to ordinary backpacks. Military support backpack designed long along the back of the bearer. The weight of any genuine US military backpack can hold up to hundreds of kilograms.

3.6. Super lightweight and foldable

Military backpacks are often used to contain the most items, so weight is the decisive factor for these backpacks. How to design the smallest backpack weight so that the total weight of the backpack when storing items is minimized.

Many high-end military-style backpacks also can fold extremely conveniently.

4. The most popular and popular military backpack model

A typical military backpack
A typical military backpack

4.1. Backpack of the Vietnamese army toad

Toad army backpack – an outfit that comes with the image of a soldier. The backpack has been close to our Vietnamese people since the days of the French and American resistance wars along with the dear image of soldier Uncle Ho. Vietnamese army backpacks today still use standard toad backpacks of the same design as in the past, although they are now less used, but still indispensable for every soldier. Particularly for those who are nostalgic and love this style, this is never an outdated design.

4.2. Tactical army backpack

This military tactical backpack is a soldier-style accessory with a rather large shape and eye-catching design and color that give the user a strong style. This is a product that many brothers love to use on every trip.

The tactical backpack has many handy designs with large capacity, convenient side compartments to use, and very colorful colors of camouflage, army green, and sand yellow.

4.3. US Army Backpack

The US military backpack is a backpack designed from durable parachute fabric, inspired by the US military color backpack, men’s backpacks bring users strong and very fashionable.

Not only known for its special fashion, but the genuine American backpack also offers users great features. You not only buy because of passion, but the backpack also helps you to store a lot of things, clothes can be enough for a picnic, travel, etc. With a large and flexible storage compartment, ensuring the items will be arranged most harmoniously. don’t be afraid of rain or shine.

4.4. Chinese army backpack

Currently, on the market, names like Chinese military backpacks are known for their Chinese origin rather than designs like the Chinese military style. Customers wishing to learn should carefully research the information.

4.5. Korean Army Backpack

Backpacks with Korean military style are also one of the favorite models of both men and women. The dark blue camouflage backpack with Korean soldier style and trendy design give you strength. Backpack with 1 main compartment with neat lid, 2 convenient auxiliary compartments.

5. How to use an army backpack

Military backbacks and bags
Military backbacks and bags

Sort in reverse order

The best way to chart a soldier’s advice is to do it in reverse order. Which furniture is needed first, packing last is a great trick.

Have a weighting strategy

If you go backpacking and carry a large Backpack, keep in mind the tip in the Military Travel Backpack: “The heaviest items are placed in the center of the backpack, near the spine, which will focus the weight on the body”.

Bring only what you need

No matter how big and high-class the military-style backpack you own is, don’t be greedy and cram too much stuff. Pay attention to choosing the most necessary items, and arrange them in order of importance.

Several other categories of military bags:

several categories of military bags: fanny bast, waist bag
several categories of military bags

Beautiful military backpacks always attract the attention of people around when you wear them. However, this type of fashion if you do not know and use it in the right place and for the right purpose, it will easily confuse. Customers wishing to buy genuine high-end backpacks can contact HOANG NGAN to receive the most enthusiastic service from us today!

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