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The new year has arrived, with it the booming tourist season. Surely many people are wondering how to choose the right travel backpack. Then follow the following article for more reference.


1.1 Backpacks for traveling abroad

Nowadays, traveling abroad is quite popular form of travel for many people. Arriving in a foreign land, although it is a foreign land, it is possible to expand your vision, experience, and discover many interesting and new facts that are not available in your home country. With this type, many people will choose to bring a large suitcase, or simply wear a large travel backpack and go.

1.2 Backpacks for domestic travel

Traveling abroad will often cost a lot of money from air tickets to travel fees, so many people will prioritize domestic travel. This is the type that only takes 2-3 hours or more for the high mountain areas but can expand the view with the wonderful beauty of the country. For this type of travel, a mid-range backpack is fine.

1.3 Mountain travel backpack

This is a type of tourism in harmony with wild nature, a type that many people choose to experience in recent years. Depending on their own interests, participants can choose for themselves adventure sports activities such as trekking or walking on long, less challenging trails such as hiking. Both have their own interesting points when participating. And the most important thing in such climbing trips is to carefully equip first-aid supplies, compasses, .. to a very sturdy travel backpack and good water resistance!

1.4 Beach travel backpack

Immersed in the sea, soaking in the sand is a very good stress reliever experience. This is the type that is loved by many “people” of the sea. Especially for those who have a hobby of sunbathing, drying or listening to the sound of the waves of the sea, this is definitely the perfect form of travel for you.

1.5 Backpacks for garden travel

A fairly well-known form and actively exploited in the Mekong Delta provinces. Traveling from the garden to the orchards full of fruit and enjoying the cool atmosphere and having fun is a very pure type of tourism.

1.6 Picnic backpack

Picnic is roughly understood as traveling to the suburbs, to immerse yourself in the wild and nature, to feel the relaxation and peace in the forest. This is a useful form of tourism for all ages because you can both camp and enjoy the scenery, enjoy freely and improve your health and experience many new things in such a place outside the city.

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2.1 Choose the right size

Depending on the purpose of each person, the style of travel backpack will be chosen accordingly. If the journey is short, you should choose the style of backpack that fits your body. For longer trips, choose a large backpack for convenience in arranging things. However, it is also advisable to avoid choosing a stimulus that is too small or too large to avoid inconvenience for work.

2.2 Consider the material of the backpack

Before traveling, it is necessary to consider the right material for your journey. Firstly, if you check carefully before buying, you can avoid “regret”, “know that” later. Second, buying good materials will last longer, making it easy to save costs.

2.3 Consider choosing a backpack with quality features

If you have taken the effort to choose a quality travel backpack, consider and choose the travel backpack models that possess outstanding features such as shockproof, waterproof or reflective … all of these are quality features that a good travel backpacks…with that, when you buy a backpack, you can use it for a lifetime. Besides, it’s easy to carry sundries, so buy a travel backpack with an accompanying accessory bag, it will be much more convenient when traveling.

2.4 Choose high-quality, high-quality travel backpacks

Choose a high-quality, high-quality travel backpack to avoid fake goods, use it for a few days and then break. The high-quality factor is also very important in long-term use. Do not let after each trip to make a new assessment of the quality of the product after using it because that will be quite a waste of time and money. Be very careful from before buying by whether it is “real” or “fake” to meet long-term use.

2.5 Choose a fashion travel backpack

Traveling has to be beautiful to live virtual all the way, right? If so, in addition to choosing a quality backpack, you should also pay attention to the fashion color of the bag. Whether it’s a man or a woman, the fashion element is quite necessary because I wear it every time I go out.


When deciding to buy or order any product, the customer’s first priority is always “quality”, then the prestigious services that come with it. With the advent of a series of sewing establishments today on the garment market, it is quite tiring to find a place that is reputable for both quality and price of products. In order to meet the needs of customers, Vietnamese Bags and Backpacks here meet all special services, satisfy their own needs to bring travel backpacks suitable for each individual purpose, with a sense of time and prioritizing quality.

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In addition to the above-mentioned outstanding reasons, are there any other outstanding reasons that customers should choose Vietnamese Bags and Backpacks sewing factory to order travel backpacks? Follow the features below to learn more about our sewing factory!

4.1 Seniority in the garment manufacturing industry

All products are manufactured according to the process by a team of skilled workers, supervised by highly qualified people in the workshop. With long-term experience in the industry, strict quality control QC process ensures products are manufactured on schedule and on schedule.

Hoang Ngan bag manufacturer in Vietnam
Hoang Ngan bag manufacturer in Vietnam

4.2 Closed workshop, meeting environmental standards

Hoang Ngan Bags & Backpacks is a factory under a strict closed process, all stages are specialized by a good team. The production process follows the rules and technology, modern machinery lines, meeting environmental protection standards.

4.3 Diversity of models

Hoang Ngan company with a variety of designs and rich products. Raw materials and accessories are imported and unique, with warranty, including products such as school backpacks to work backpacks, canvas bags, travel bags and some accessories.

4.4 24/7 consulting support service

Customers when ordering student backpacks at  Vietnamese Backpacks and Bags  will be supported 24/7 by a team of professional and enthusiastic consultants. You can completely  FREE design and adjust to your liking until before the production date. Contact Vietnamese Backpacks for a free consultation today.

We would like to serve a  “competitive prices – guaranteed product quality – ontime delivery” service.

If you are finding a supplier having ability to manufacture thousands bags & backpacks per month with large quantity and high quality but competitive prices, please contact us to have more detailed information and become our longlasting cooperators!

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