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08/03 International Women’s Day is coming, have you prepared any surprise for your woman? Choosing a gift has never been so easy. Maybe just type a few words and thousands of gift suggestions will appear. However, why not something to your liking? What is the gift that the recipient loves the most? This question, probably only the person giving the gift – yes, it is you, can answer. Let’s find out how to choose the most suitable gift with Hoang Ngan!


The same woman will of course have common characteristics, interests and desires. But called women, they always want to be special, no one is the same. Even so, the sister association is still changing all the time, why did they just say they like it the next day and then they don’t like it anymore? It is these characteristics, to choose a suitable gift for women, you need to be the person closest to them.

Gifs suitable for age
                                                              Gifs suitable for age

1.1 Choose gifts for women that match your age and personality

Women are most reluctant to talk about age. However, undeniably, age greatly affects their interests and needs. What woman doesn’t love beauty, right? But surely the “guts” of young girls must be different from those of mature sisters.

For the gen Z sisters. If you choose clothes and accessories as gifts, you can choose outstanding colors, patterns that can be cute or personality, maybe even ostentatious. dental. These girls are not afraid to stand out on their own.

Fashion gifs for girl
                                                               Fashion gifs for girl
In contrast, clothes and accessories for middle-aged women should have elegant colors, light and comfortable materials and simple textures, suitable for the nature of that person’s work. Older people often prefer colors that are not too dark, but also not too prominent. They like simplicity but still luxury and comfort. In addition, the beautiful sister association also has a great need for health care and beauty care. If you find out, recently “that person” is often scrutinizing the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, then you know what to do!Again, age is a sensitive issue! So don’t choose a gift that reminds them of age.

1.2 Choose a gift that matches the status of the giver

A very obvious thing but few people pay attention to. Choosing a gift for your lover and for your mother is not the same. Right? For your lover, you can give gifts that are capable of bringing back memories of both of you. For lovers, gifts may not need to be expensive, but the gift-giving moment must be truly meaningful. As for the one who gave birth, the gift should have a lot of use value, must be what “that person” wants to have.

Gifs for mom
                                           Gifs for mom

For example, a canvas bag decorated with your own hands, drawing more numbers about the anniversary will make your girlfriend excited. Meanwhile, your mother will definitely prefer a massage machine or a multi-purpose bag, right?


Besides the usefulness of gifts, gifts can also carry many different meanings, expressing the mind of the giver in a discreet way. Do you know:

2.1 Meaning of giving flowers

Giving flowers on many special occasions is often meant as a wish. Each flower has different meanings. Roses, lily of the valley or phalaenopsis often symbolize deep, enduring love. Lotus, carnation, sunflower, rose, lily… again symbolize motherly love and sincere gratitude. As for customers and business people, you can give flowers that symbolize luck and fortune such as rhododendrons, orchids, daffodils…

meaning of giving flowers
                                                                  meaning of giving flowers

2.2 The meaning of gift bags

It is not natural that the sister association likes to receive bags on special occasions. With the use of storing things when going out and beautifying, each fashion style needs a different bag, so it is understandable that women prefer to have many bags. But in addition, choosing a gift as a handbag also carries the meaning of longevity. The bags are made from durable materials, meticulously cut and sewn, showing the promise of sticking together for a long time, going together everywhere.

Bags for gifs
                                                                 Bags for gifs
Some fashion bags at Hoang Ngan, see more here


Of course, when it comes to choosing a gift, the quality of the gift must come first. Good quality products will be able to keep for a long time, so the recipient will always remember you every time they see the gift. Besides, don’t be afraid to organize a small party to thank that woman. Don’t forget to take photos as a souvenir, keep the happy moment forever.

Hope you can choose the best gift for the person you love

If you are still wondering what gift to choose, please contact Hoang Ngan Bags and Backpacks right away! We are here for all your gifting needs.

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