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Jewelry bag- for a sincere gift

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Although small but has “martial arts”, jewelry bags not only help you store valuable jewelry. It also increases the value of those jewelry.

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You are in the jewelry business, you want to order printed jewelry storage bags instead of the usual velvet bags?
Let’s learn more about this bag with Hoang Ngan and what to keep in mind when ordering!

1. Why should choose a jewelry bags?

Jewelry bags have outstanding advantages compared to ordinary bags. Let’s take a look at some basic uses that you can notice right from the first use:

Product protection:

Jewelry is a highly valuable product that needs to be carefully protected during storage and transportation. Just a small impact can cause the product to be scratched, requiring reprocessing. Using storage bags can help protect jewelry from unnecessary external shocks, dust, water, etc. In addition, that bag are also a safe storage measure to avoid loss when store small products such as earrings, rings, necklaces, etc.

Brand promotion:

The use of branded jewelry bags is an extremely effective form of advertising with a price that cannot be lower. When customers use your branded bags, it will help you promote your brand to many different customers, possibly including potential future customers.

Enhance product value:

Jewelry belongs to the high-end product line, often used as gifts on important occasions. Therefore, the jewelry bag must also be worthy of both design and material. A beautiful bracelet, packed in a bright bag will surely make the gift recipient more than satisfied.

In particular, using suede jewelry bags also creates a class for the product because suede is one of the soft fabrics that flatter the user’s emotions. Users will feel more luxury

2. Where to buy suede jewelry bags?

Hoang Ngan specializes in manufacturing all kinds of bags and backpacks, in which jewelry bags are also one of our strengths, and suede jewelry bags are the latest popular model. Additionally, we have mutiple size and color for your options.


Product Description

Custom Logo Printing Mircrofiber Jewelry Cosmetic Gift Bag Mircrofiber Suede Drawstring Bag Faux Suede Bag

Item Name:
 Custom Logo Printing Mircrofiber Jewelry Cosmetic Gift Bag Mircrofiber Suede Drawstring Bag Faux Suede Bag
mircrofiber suede
Natural, ivory, off white, white, black , blue, red, yellow, green , purle etc.
5×7 cm 7×9 cm 9×12 cm 10×15 cm 13×18 cm 15×20 cm 20×20 cm 20×25 cm 25×30 cm 30×40 cm 40×50 cm 50×60 cm 50×70 cm 60×60 cm etc .( Any size could be customized)
Silk screening printing, emboss, hot stamping, embroidery, woven label, paper label etc.
Gift Packaging, For Jewelry, bottle, book, Christmas Decoration  etc.
Eco-friendly, Promotional, light weight, Cheap, Colorful
Sample Policy:
~ 40$ for a sample sewing and printing time
Sample Time:
5-7 days if you need to print your logo
Production Time :
10-15 days after sample confirmed
Shipping Method:
Usually we deliver our goods by sea and air
Payment Term
T/T 30% deposit, 70% balance after B/L date.
3000 pcs
More Material Choose:
Muslin Cotton, Jute, Burlap, Linen, Velvet, Satin, Polyester, Canvas, Non-woven etc.

We would like to serve a  “competitive prices – guaranteed product quality – ontime delivery” service.
If you are having any concerns on our products or finding an OEM to help you produce bags/ backpacks, do not mind to contact us:

Website: http://vietnammanufacturer.xyz
Mini Site at Alibaba: Hoangngan.trustpass.alibaba.com
Email: yen.hoang@thongtingia.com
Phone: + 84 398 453 498 ( Wechat/ Whatsapp)


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