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Jute Bags made in Vietnam- an eco-friendly product

Jute bag – you are a nature lover

If you are a nature lover and always aim for nature-friendly products, the jute bag is definitely a great choice. Jute bags made in Vietnamese factories, fueled by jute fabric, are very friendly to the environment and people.What is a jute bag?

Jute is a fibrous vegetable that is dried in long strips and it is one of the cheapest natural ingredients available; Along with cotton, it is one of the most frequently used types. The plants from which jute is obtained mainly grow in warm and humid regions such as Bangladesh, China and India. In Vietnam, jute farming is also developing very large, so the source of raw materials is huge.

nghề trồng sạy
Jute collection

Since the 17th century, the Western World has used jute to make textiles just like the people of East Bangladesh used centuries before them. Called the “golden yarn” by the people of the Ganges River for its usefulness and cash value, jute is making a comeback in the West as a useful fiber for agriculture and commerce. When used in the manufacture of grocery bags as an alternative to paper or plastic bags, jute bags are both one of the most eco-friendly choices and one of the most cost-effective in the long run.

Some outstanding aspects of jute bags:


Jute can be planted all year round, harvested every six months. It can take decades to produce the same volume of wood fiber, and it requires much larger areas of land to cultivate.
The application of jute is also an important step forward in combating the use of various materials containing hazardous waste. Jute bags reduce the use of plastic bags, which have now been banned in many countries due to their toxic ingredients. Jute seems to be one of the best alternatives to it.


Jute is 100% biodegradable (it biodegrades in 1 to 2 years), is low energy recyclable and can even be used as garden compost. Clear in terms of reuse and recycling, jute bags are one of the best options available today. Jute fiber is tougher and more resilient than wood pulp paper, and can withstand water and weather for long periods of time. They can be reused many times, are eco-friendly bags.

Replacable  use

The woody core of the jute tree, known as the hedge, has thousands of potential industrial and commercial uses. As an alternative to wood, fences are capable of meeting most of the world’s demand for wood and wood products. The use of fence and jute fiber means that deforestation rates to meet current demand for paper and timber could be significantly reduced if they were used as an alternative.

Today jute is considered one of the best materials for making reusable shopping bags and grocery bags. In addition to jute bags being stronger, greener and longer lasting, jute offers many ecological benefits beyond better grocery bags.

Used as advertising bags

Your logo printed jute bag is the perfect promotional tool. Durable and affordable, the promotional bag is made of durable jute fabric and can be reused many times, resulting in maximum return on investment on your advertising spend. Thanks to its multitude of eco-friendly qualities, this material can provide you with a way to responsibly advertise your business and promote your brand in the best way to your target audience.

Why use jute bags/products

some products of jute bag
Jute school bags & backpacks

Handbags and other materials made from jute are biodegradable, meaning that when left unused for a while, they will self-destruct, making the world pollution-free, as well as resistant to plastic. intact over many periods and thus pose a great environmental risk. Jute is a natural plant fiber second only to cotton and can be sewn into any desired shape and size.


Jute bag
Some kinds of jute bags

To live healthy as well as make our planet free of environmental pollution, use jute bags and jute products as much as possible. Cheap, versatile and climate-friendly, these natural products reduce pollution loads. For more information on Reusable Bags and the advantages of choosing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials, non-woven bags, canvas, eco-friendly bags environment, etc., please contact Hoang Ngan company to choose the best bags for your business and yourself.

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