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Laptop backpacks – your best choice

Laptops are now an indispensable technology item for students, and office staives.
Laptops play a vital role on helping people find information on the internet, connect with people and work by softwares, etc. Especially, laptops have a compact size and convenient to bring by side. For some specific professions such as journalism, communication, marketing, online business, etc., laptop is the best choice to serve the job. Along with the importance of the laptop, the items to preserve them are equally important and one of them is the backpack. Laptop backpacks are now considered the perfect storage item for your laptop when carried on the road.

Why that? Join Hoang Ngan group for the following reasons:

1. Laptop backpacks – Best protection

On the market, there are many different models of backpacks and they have lots of sizes to fit and cover your laptops. However, Hoang Ngan recommends that you should choose for yourself a specialized laptop backpack model.
So what is a dedicated laptop backpack?

Laptop backpack is a product specifically designed by the manufacturer and focused on the laptop compartment. Accordingly, laptop compartments must be equipped with thick fabric and foam, impact-resistant air bubbles to protect the laptop when you accidentally touch hard objects. Not only that, the bottom of the backpack should also have a thick and waterproof, preferably a plastic base to prevent the backpack from getting wet.

Moreover, the space in the dedicated laptop bag is more spacious and firmly designed with thick padding and base. This helps the backpack to “stand firmly” when containing the laptop inside, if you put it on the ground, the backpack will not fall.

2. Multiple compartments

In addition, laptop backpack models also have many small compartments that can hold more electronic accessories such as: phones, ipads, headphones, power banks, batteries, … Personal items such as makeup: , medicine, food, …

Laptops have a relatively heavy weight, the average weight is about 1-3 kilograms depending on the size and manufacturer. Therefore, carrying on your shoulders such a heavy weight will easily make your shoulders tired and sore. Prolonged pain will affect your health. That’s why you need to choose for yourself a specialized laptop backpack model.

Specialized laptop backpacks have a strap designed by a soft foam padding with a mesh outside to give you a pleasant and comfortable feeling when using. Besides,  the strap size is very wide, making the contact surface with the shoulder more smooth for a long time of the day. Meanwhile, for normal hold – computersbackpack models will be dragged down by the weight of the computer. That makes gravity heavier and reduces the life of the backpack. And the most important thing is your shoulders will be under a lot of pressure, which can cause shoulder pain.
About the back of the laptop backpack is equipped with a soft foam layer, you will not feel uncomfortable because the hardness of the computer affects your back. At the same time, the outer mesh will create a more airy and comfortable feeling for you in the hot summer weather.


To protect your computer, choosing to buy a laptop backpack is extremely necessary. If you are looking for a genuine, high quality and best price laptop backpack distributor, Hoang Ngan company is the perfect choice. We have been operating in the market for 10 years and are the distributor of genuine OEM backpacks. We will bring you laptop backpack products with diverse designs, quality and best service!

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