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Non- woven bag, an optimal solution for shopping

When the earth is at risk of heavy pollution by the excessive amount of waste, human gradually prefer trecyclable products in daily life. One of the obvious manifestations is the use of reusable bags instead of non-biodegradable plastic bags. One of the outstanding products is the non-woven bag. So what is non-woven bag? Why is it so popular?

Let’s learn about this outstanding bag with Hoang Ngan Company!

What is non-woven bag?

Non-woven bags are product lines made from non-woven fabrics, one of the materials is considered as a friendly environmental product. Because it does not have to go through the weaving process like ordinary fabrics, it is called non-woven fabric. Currently, this product line is designed and manufactured with many different models. Thereby meeting many practical uses and benefits for users.

Outstanding uses of non-woven bags

Cheap price, beautiful product with high durability

Of all the bags available on the market today, non-woven bags are the cheapest. Although it is a bit higher than the cost of the hat bag. But the convenience and beauty it brings far outweigh the plastic bags. Besides, the durability of this product line is also very high. A non-woven bag can withstand 5 to 20 kg. Average life is about 5 years. When the cloth bag is unfortunately dirty, you can wash it and reuse it, without affecting its original shape and size.

Besides, with diverse sizes, rich designs, non-woven bags can be used to store many different items. From jewelry boxes, perfumes, underwear … to medium products such as clothes, shoes, … or heavy items such as fruit, electrical appliances …

Friendly products with the environment

As everyone knows, plastic bags have a very long decomposition time from 500 to 1000 years, so they have a very serious impact on the soil and air environment. In particular, when some people burn plastic bags, it will cause diseases such as lung cancer for humans. To overcome this situation, non-woven bags were born and are trusted by many women.

In addition, the non-woven bag is a product made from PP fabric with a heat laminating process, without using chemicals, so the product is not harmful to the environment. Compared to plastic bags, it takes thousands of years to decompose, causing pollution, erosion, and water pollution. However, when using cloth bags, the self-decomposing property of humus, CO2 provides necessary nutrients to help the soil become more porous, so this fabric is very safe for the ecological environment and does not cause irritation for human. This is also the reason that many businesses switch to using this fabric bag line.

Promote company brand image effectively

At present, most businesses and shops understand the importance of  non-woven bags . Therefore, they took advantage of the easy printing feature of non-woven bags to print their logo or company information on the bags to help customers remember business information effectively and attract more potential customers.

At the same time, through customer gratitude or holidays, the company will use them as free gift bags or packaging for meaningful gifts for partners. Thereby, it will create better sympathy with consumers and help the company save marketing costs with high economic efficiency.

Today, in order to meet the increasing aesthetic needs of people, many designers have created many different models of non-woven bags with unique designs and creative printed images. This has helped the sisters confidently go down the street and shine more with this cloth bag.

Help protect and transport goods easily

With a variety of designs such as straps, hooks,… sewn firmly, it makes you feel more convenient in the process of transporting goods. From there, the goods or gifts inside the  non-woven bag  are well protected and easily transported to many different places.

Moreover, non-woven fabric is a good quality product, with waterproof, fireproof, UV-resistant and extremely good resistance to termites, so non-woven bags are a great choice in fashion industries such as packing shoes, fashion clothes or some high-end food.

Outstanding applications of non-woven bags you should know

This product is being widely used in today’s life. Typically as:

Used to store clothes, jewelry, shoes

This product line is used to store clothes when moving away from home, or store less used items.

Used to store gifts

This way of using is now and is being used by companies, enterprises and businesses widely. Through this product, they want to thank the recipient, or promote a well-known brand.

Used as shopping bags in supermarkets

Whenever going to the market, you must bring a bag to carry food. But when using a non-woven bag, you just need to fold it up, then put it in your bag, or in the trunk of your car, to use it for shopping needs. set.

Used as a rice bag

You know, non-woven bags are also a special type of bags used in agricultural products. Thanks to the effect of absolute waterproof, high moisture resistance, it always ensures that the food in the bag is dry. Besides, this line of bags is also biodegradable without emitting any toxic substances.

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