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Popular fabrics in the bags and backpacks production

As soon as you know, choosing fabrics play an extremely important role. Each type of fabric have its own unique structure and characteristics. Proper understanding of each fabric helps users make the right choice when ordering bags and backpacks. Together with Hoang  Ngan, synthesize commonly used fabrics when sewing bags and backpacks.

Polyester Fabric (100% Nylon)

Polyester oxford fabric is one of the most popular fabrics used to sew bags and backpacks. With a composition of synthetic fibers, polyester fabric does not shrink when washed, wrinkle-resistant and naturally elastic. This fabric possesses many advantages compared to traditional fabrics such as not absorbing oil and moisture. Therefore, 100% nylon fabric is often rated as water resistant.

In addition, the nylon fibers are tightly knit together and almost do not absorb moisture. Then, they add a layer of Pu / PVC on the surface to make this property better, anti-dust and effective against fire. Not only that, nylon backpacks also have a long service life, diverse colors and thickness, but the price is much cheaper than other fabrics.

The most popular polyester fabrics:

Fabric 1680D

This is the highest quality fabric in the line of polyester fabrics, woven from many fabrics, waterproof, very popular. It is also the most popular material line because of its soft fabric, rich thickness, diverse colors and high durability.

Fabric 800D

This is a fabric used a lot when choosing to sew backpacks and bags because of its waterproof, anti-fouling and long life with reasonable price.

Fabric 600

600 PVC has a tight fabric structure to ensure durability and strength, withstand a lot of items.

Fabric 210

This is a fabric that is used a lot to make lining inside bags and backpacks to increase product durability and bring aesthetics as well as shape to backpacks and bags.

Parachute fabric

This fabric is synthesized and processed from many different fibers such as cotton, polyester, man-made fibers, raw fabrics to increase the outstanding surface.

Parachute has good water resistance and is easy to store and handle moisture and water on the surface quickly because of the structure. They are applied in the garment industry, especially the backpacking and handbag industry today.


Cotton fabric( canvas), a fabric with a strong and rough surface, is one of the fabrics woven from hemp fiber.

Classification of burlap fabric

Scratched canvas

Scratched canvas fabric is characterized by thick, thick, lint-free fabric, high strength and abrasion resistance. Cotton blend fabric, not 100% cotton.

Scratched canvas fabric is suitable for sofas, wallet accessories, good shock resistance.

Canvas fabric

Canvas fabric is simply woven with hemp yarn, nowadays the fabric is combined with more materials such as cotton, linen, hemp or synthetic fibers. |Historically, this material is 100% hemp fiber. Cavans  fabric is widely used in making shoes, backpacks, bags, sails, curtains and some interior decorations mainly items that require high strength.


Non-woven fabric is currently one of the most popular sewing materials by many customers due to its light weight and good durability.

This fabric is synthesized and recycled from 100% polypropylene in the form of fibers bonded together by chemical solvents or through mechanical heat processing.

Non-woven fabric can be produced and recycled in a cycle, so it is very friendly to the environment, moreover, it can also decompose in nature, so it does not pollute the environment. The fabric structure is airy, soft, and quickly absorbent, suitable for a wide range of customers.

Simili leather fabric

Simili leatherette fabric (or Faux Leather fabric, Pleather fabric) is made up of 2 layers: polyester lining inside and PVC outside. To make the product more diverse and beautiful, people have dyed colors and stamped the veins to give the surface the most leathery feel possible.

Due to the smooth gloss of the face, the imitation leather fabric is very waterproof and dustproof. Plusing soft material, so it is easy to manipulate into different forms of bags and backpacks. Besides, it is easier to clean and clean when in use. Therefore, this is one of the most popular clothes for making bags and backpacks.

Sewing backpacks, bags made of leather fabric brings aesthetic effect, luxury, durability is also very good. However, one of disadvantage is because it will explode and damage the skin when be exposed to high temperatures for a long time .  Additionally, the cost of this material is also much higher than nylon or cotton fabric, especially high-grade Simili (PU leather) is much higher.

Above is what are finding and summerising by Hoang Ngan company bags and backpack. Hope that you will have a great shopping experience.

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