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Thermal insulated bags – an unlackable with you

 Perhaps everyone is too familiar with the image of a thermal lunch bag . This bags has many types, fully meeting the needs of users from office workers, delivery people, and students. However, Have you had a good understanding of this product yet?

Let’s take a closer look at thermal insulated cooler lunch bags.

lunch bags

1. The great uses of thermal lunch bags

This is a widely used personal item today. Because of their great uses, they bring in preserving food and drinks in the best way, the demand to buy and use bags is very large.

With a compact design that comes with a strap and carrying handle. Make it more convenient for you to bring lunch when going to work or school or outdoor activities. The inside is very spacious, you can comfortably store foods, rice, fruits, drinks and so on. Depending on the design of the fabric and the insulation layer, the heat retention capacity of each product will be somewhat different, but running according to the needs of many people. This type of bag usually has a good design from the outside to the inside. You can choose to buy the type with a strap or handle depending on your preference. Take it with you to serve your needs without causing bulk or inconvenience. Along with that, you can choose a round, square or rectangular shape and a large or small size depending on the amount of food and drinks you bring.

cooler bag for outdoor activities

2. Thermal bag with thick fabric and insulation design:

Refrigeration bags are made from layers of insulation sewn together depending on the texture and design of the bag. However, the basic structure of cold storage bags has 3 layers:


The outer layer of fabric protects and colors the shape of the bag.

– Polartherm layer in the middle with insulation or foam layer  (this type is mainly used for small value products because of environmental protection requirements). Thickness from 0.5-1 cm.

– The innermost lining is silver-rolled simili with antibacterial function, or heat-reflective aluminum coating.

– The time to keep the heat for the bag is usually from 6-8 hours: depending on the ambient temperature, this is the basic product line used during the day.

In addition, there are many product lines designed to keep heat for 24 hours or 1-2 days.

Thus the temperature of foods and drinks will be kept well. You can rest assured that the food will not spoil when you use this bag. Currently, some types of thermal lunch boxes are also designed with additional charging cords. These types will help preserve the heat of the foods. When eating, you just need to plug in the power, safe to use.

– The mouth of the bag has a secure zipper combined with handle strap enable users easier in delivery.

– Various colors, elegant designs help customers  have many choosing according your favourites and demands.

– Designed with an extra pocket on the outside, convenient for storing other small items

lunch bag


3. Main categories of cooler bags:

– thermal lunch bags with the compact design is handy, suitable for carrying rice for busy people and students.

Vietnam OEM lunch bag

– thermal delivery bags for shipper with large dimension and multiple commpartments, enable shipper deliver whole warm meals to customers

delivery bags

– cooler bag for outdoor activities with spacious storage: suitable for far trips with your friends and family, protech foods & drinks from damage in arrage and quality.

cooler bag for trip


With sophisticated designs like this, owning a thermos bag for rice is extremely necessary for each of us: Saving costs while ensuring hygiene and food safety when eating food cooked by yourself.

After a tiring working day. You need to recharge yourself during a delicious meal. But if you are tired of restaurant food, and bring lunch, it will be cold by noon and no longer tasty. Then the thermal bag will be the perfect choice for you, make your meal greater.

To buy a thermal bag product with full functions. If it suits your needs, don’t waste time researching many places. Hoang Ngan company is a gold brand in the village of thermal bags for lunch.

With a team of experienced staff and advanced and modern machinery system, the products made here are nothing more than good quality, beautiful designs, and high durability. When purchasing our thermal bags. You will receive the most favorable and competitive prices on the market today. In addition to providing consumers with good products. Hoang Ngan companyg also accepts sewing all kinds of thermal bags upon request.


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