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Lưu ý làm sạch balo bằng máy giặt

You should only wash backpacks made from fabrics or nylon in a washing machine. Before washing, you should check and disassemble the hard accessories that come with the backpack, to avoid damage to the washing machine. If these accessories are non-removable, or if you don’t want the straps or straps to get stuck in the washing machine, you can put the backpack in a bag. Or simply turn it upside down and then put it in the washing machine. As for detergents, you can find detergents for synthetic fabric.


After being washed, if it is not dried, it will be easy to encounter mold. To prevent that from happening, you apply the following measures.

2.1. Use scented – moisture-proof bags to keep your backpack safe and durable

Just by choosing a few scented bags you like and. Your backpack not only dries faster, but also retains a very pleasant fragrance.

2.2. Use white paper or newspaper (less text)

Paper types are usually relatively absorbent, especially newspaper. To make the backpack dry faster, you can lined or crumpled the paper into the bag and then let it dry in the natural sunlight. However, to avoid smearing the ink on the newspaper into your backpack, you should limit the use of newspapers with too many words or many colorful advertising images.

Sử dụng giấy trắng hoặc giấy báo ít chữ

2.3 .Dry wet backpacks with a dryer quickly

If you unfortunately wash your backpack on bad weather days, you can’t dry it in the sun, don’t worry. You can use a dryer to dry the backpack. Besides, you can also use the drying function of the washing machine to dry the backpack, then continue drying with the dryer so that the backpack is no longer moldy.

Note:  Do not use too high a drying temperature, you should set the dryer on low or normal mode, bring the dryer evenly to the sides and corners of the backpack and make sure to dry for enough time to avoid water remaining on the side. in the body of the ball.


Whether you choose to wash your backpack with a washing machine, you have a way to quickly dry your backpack, but there are also rules that you need to know!

Giặt balo bằng máy giặt

3.1 Preparing to wash the backpack

Before washing, you should check the entire backpack inside and out. Make sure there are no documents, personal items, etc. left in the main compartments and small compartments of the backpack.
Disassemble accessories that can affect the washing process such as keychains, straps. With locking ends, metal hooks should have a preliminary treatment such as cloth wrapping or tape to avoid hitting the drum.

You can also wipe the dirt on the outside of the backpack with a toothbrush or cloth to make the process of washing the backpack simpler and more effective. Do not forget to check the size and material of the backpack to know if the backpack is suitable for hand washing or machine washing and what type of detergent to use.

3.2 The steps to wash the backpack ensure the surface, beautiful

Usually, when you buy a new backpack, you will receive instructions on how to clean the backpack. If there are no special instructions for washing, you should wash the backpack with warm water. Warm water will help keep the color of the backpack hard or not fading quickly.

With a machine with a warm wash mode, you can perform a wash according to the appliance’s instructions. In case the washing machine does not have this mode, you can refer to hand washing with warm water.

Pour warm water into a large bowl with laundry detergent and stir well. Then dip the backpack into the wash with a medium soft brush. Or choose a sponge soaked in the detergent solution you just mixed to scrub the backpack without putting it in the washing tub.
After washing is done, rinse with clean water and dry on the rack. Do not expose the backpack to direct sunlight for too long. Strong sunlight can fade the color of the backpack and reduce the durability of the fabric.

3.3 Ways to remove ink stains and stains on beautiful backpacks

Treating the sticky stains on the backpack before washing will help you prolong the life of the backpack. Decontamination for backpacks has many different ways, you should choose the treatment according to the fabric. Not all backpacks can clean all sticky stains, especially long-term adhesions.

Some modern washing machines have sterilization mode, remove stains through temperature, detergent. You need to read the user manual carefully and follow the steps to get the best results. In case the washing machine does not have this mode. You need to perform a manual operation outside before putting it in the washing machine.

In addition to the usual ways of  washing the backpack with a washing machine , you can also use a mixture of shampoo and vinegar to apply it directly to the ink stain and use a brush. Gently brush the ink stains away. Baking soda is also a very effective cleaning material when combined with lemon, toothpaste or vinegar in a suitable ratio.

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4.1 Seniority in the garment manufacturing industry

All products are manufactured according to the process by a team of skilled workers, supervised by highly qualified people in the workshop. With long-term experience in the industry, strict quality control QC process ensures products are manufactured on schedule and on schedule.

Hoang Ngan bag manufacturer in Vietnam
Hoang Ngan bag manufacturer in Vietnam

4.2 Closed workshop, meeting environmental standards

Hoang Ngan Bags & Backpacks is a factory under a strict closed process, all stages are specialized by a good team. The production process follows the rules and technology, modern machinery lines, meeting environmental protection standards.

4.3 Diversity of models

Hoang Ngan company with a variety of designs and rich products. Raw materials and accessories are imported and unique, with warranty, including products such as school backpacks to work backpacks, canvas bags, travel bags and some accessories.

4.4 24/7 consulting support service

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