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Top 5 latest female elementary school bags today

With a new school year starting, there must be a lot of parents wondering how to choose the best female elementary school bags. And suitable for babies. Meanwhile, on the market today, there are many models of school backpacks for elementary school students.

However, not all backpacks guarantee the quality, and price and meet the needs of daily use. It is these things that have made it difficult for parents to choose to buy primary school backpacks in general and girls’ primary school backpacks in particular. Understanding this, in the short article below, Hoang Ngan will share with you the 6 newest female primary school backpacks today. Let your parents have more options for you.
Top 5 latest female elementary school backpack models today

Although on the market today there are many models of school backpacks from many different brands. And each brand has its costs and strengths. But the 5  backpack models below are the latest female primary school backpacks today. At the same time, these are also school backpacks that attract the attention of the little ones because of their eye-catching appearance. Conquer parents by quality and price.

Cute butterfly princess school bag

In addition to the eye-catching design, the female primary school backpack is also very cleverly designed. The highlight is the back pad that simulates the curve of the spine, hugging the body. Helps to spread the weight evenly, reducing the weight of the contents inside the backpack on the baby’s shoulders every day.

Cute animal-shaped female elementary school bag

The highlight of this backpack is the bright colors, and dynamic images dotted with personality stars. It will bring your children joy and excitement every time they come to class.
Not only that, but this product line also features ultra-light, with a weight in the range of 700g. The strap is designed to hug the shoulders and chest, so the weight is also spread evenly on the back. The separate compartments are spacious, with velcro that is easy to open and close to make it easier for the children to organize their items.

Elsa princess elementary school bag

Princess Elsa has long been loved by children all over the countries in the world. With both a soft shoulder bag, and a pull-up support backpack, it brings a lot of convenience for your baby to go to school. Combining with multiple color: purple, pink, blue, yellow,… ready to meet all demand from customers.

Sweet pink girl primary school bag

This cheap school backpack model is designed with 1 spacious main compartment, with additional compartments. This makes it easier for children to organize their books and personal belongings. The bottom of the backpack is made from an anti-slip rubber, limiting the fall causing unsafety for the baby. At the same time, protect the items inside better.

In addition, the school backpack is also made of high-quality fabric, certified and censored by Germany and Europe. Therefore, it can be highly antibacterial, and safe for children.

Funny cartoon school bag

The product line of school backpacks is designed with eye-catching colors, and beautifully designed and funny images. Suitable for girls. The image of a dreamy 1-horned horse on a blue background, with shimmering details surrounding it. This will make the children more excited about learning, and confident every time they come to class.

In addition, this primary school backpack model is designed with contours that hug the spine. Helps children not to hunch their backs when carrying heavy weights on their shoulders.

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