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Travel bags, go far with you

Every trip needs a preparation of the necessary belongings, and a bag or backpack, suitcase is indispensable. Depending on your preferences and purposes of use, you should prepare yourself a travel bag suitable for the trip. This is also one of the factors that make your trip more convenient and fun.

Here are the top 6 models of travel bags that bring a lot of convenience to every trip. Please refer to it for more information.

Large travel bag

This is a  travel bag model  indispensable for any outing. It can contain from A to Z the necessary things. As a result, they are considered as one of the most important and indispensable accessories for long trips.

With this large-sized travel bag, you can also use it to store accessories and items such as shoes, underwear, hats, scarves, cosmetics, toiletries… Therefore, a large bag plays an extremely important and necessary role, you can store any item that needs to be carried in the most complete way. Neat without having to equip another bag that makes it difficult to move.

That is why when choosing you need to choose carefully, giving priority to durability and quality. To choose the right type of large travel bag, you should choose for yourself a bag made of thick material, meticulously sewn, the handle can withstand great force and be sure.

Travel backpack for short trips

If your upcoming trip needs a few belongings, and it only lasts for about 2 to 4 days. Instead of a large travel bag, you can choose for yourself a travel bag with travel backpacks. This not only makes it more convenient for you to carry and move. But also bring you trips, extremely interesting experiences.

Travel backpacks can hold a lot of clothes and items, which can meet almost all the requirements of the trip. If you don’t like having to carry a bag that interferes with good photos, then a travel backpack is the first choice for you.

However, when choosing to buy a travel backpack, you should prioritize the type with a large compartment, made of good waterproof material. Especially the strap of the backpack should be smooth, soft, with thick padding to make it comfortable to wear even if you have to move constantly. Currently, there are a number of travel backpacks designed with small, hidden compartments that are very convenient to store some important items.

Typical examples are: Hoang Ngan’s  Premium Travel Backpack with modern design, unique design and features suitable for 3 to 5 day trips. This backpack model promises to bring comfort to carry personal belongings on your trip.

  • Simple black design, with striking blue stitching
  • The backpack integrates many compartments with super capacity
  • Good waterproof fabric
  • The power-assisted strap is smooth and sturdy, helping you to carry many objects with a weight of up to 15 kg.

Travel bag with pull handle

For trips that need to be moved a lot, or when traveling by plane, a travel bag with a pull handle. Will help you save energy, travel more convenient and faster, easier. This travel bag is designed similar to a suitcase, but much lighter and more compact.

When you don’t need to pull, you can hide the pull handle close to the body of the bag and carry it. Like a normal large travel bag extremely convenient. Just like the large-sized travel bag and suitcase, the bag has a pull handle that can hold a lot of clothes and items.

However, to avoid the “bad luck” and trouble caused by travel bags. you should choose  travel bag model with high quality pull handle. Especially the tow bar and wheels must be sturdy, durable, and work well. Thick, waterproof canvas is recommended for better furniture preservation.

Hoang Ngan is confident to be a reputable supplier of travel bags with handles, receiving the required logo printing, has been trusted by many big partners.

Portable travel bag model

For modern girls, a travel handbag is indispensable, right? Because when walking, eating, sightseeing. You cannot carry a large travel bag everywhere.

At this time, a portable travel bag will help you carry necessary personal items. For example: Wallet, camera, phone, lipstick… Not only that, this travel bag model  is also stylish and trendy, but also helps you take great photos with “million likes” pictures. .

One of the most loved travel bags in portable form is the tote bag. Good quality, can hold a lot of things and is suitable for both men and women. You can fold the tote bag into the bag when traveling, and take it out to use. When needed without worrying about carrying too many bags at once.

Crossbody travel bag

The most popular travel bag model for both men and women today is a crossbody bag with excellent convenience. You can carry documents such as Visa check-in when flying in a crossbody bag. So, putting it in also becomes much simpler and more convenient.

Whenever you go for a walk in the places you travel, the crossbody bag is an extremely convenient accessory. It makes it easy for you to move and carry your personal belongings. Compact crossbody bags, diverse and eye-catching designs are not a bad idea for your travels.

In order to choose a suitable travel bag model , you need to determine the intended use. From there you can get the best choice. A fun and meaningful trip requires good preparation. Therefore, please refer to the necessary travel bags to have holidays, whether long or short, with peace of mind before departure. Good luck.

Where to order travel bags?

Hoang Ngan Company in Hanoi, Vietnam has factories producing backpacks and bags for export in many provinces and cities across the country. We accept to sew all kinds of bags, backpacks as gifts from cheap to high-end for schools, businesses, and business establishments. Accept tailor-made sewing from design to design, shape, accessory material.

Garment products meet high-class export standards for orders of laptop backpacks, school backpacks, school bags, travel bags, travel bags, canvas suitcases, all kinds of backpacks and bags upon request.

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