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Most of us need to own one or more indispensable things in daily life – bags. Let discover several popular kinds of bag in Hoang Ngan company with us:


When you go to a party, a sparkling handbag helps you exude elegance and luxury.

There are many party held every year such as: birthday party, wedding party, special day party, cerebration party, ending year part, so on. Participating in each party, each of us often spend hours before mirror to choose a beautiful dress, and try to make us attractive ourselves.

However, beside wearing a splendid dress, choosing other accessories also plays an vital role on making our apperance, and bag is one of keys.

Shopping bags

When you go shopping, a shopping bag can hold all daily necessities like foods and drinks will make you more comfortable.

Certainly, shopping for food and household items is not easy for the petite housewife in the family. Any time they go to the market, they have to buy all kinds of vegetables, tubers, fruits, meat, noodles, cakes, glocery, etc and have to carry many thing at time. It’s miserable. Anyway, a shopping bag may lessen that. 

With a huge dimension design, that holds many things in different compartments, worn on the shoulder or on the back for convenience when shopping.

Lunch bag

When you go to work, a lunch bag will help you more comfortable when you no longer have to mold lunch boxes into plastic bags.

A lunch bag ( camen bag) helps office workers (men and women) have a better, safe and quality meal like cooked rice at home. Simple design but quite personality and fashion. The inside has a heat-retaining layer, so food can be kept warm for many hours. Large thermos lunch bag can hold many boxes help users have a delicious meal without being at a restaurant.

Travel bags

When you travel, mountain climbing, camping, a travel bag stores many things such as personal items, shoes, clothes,etc enable to make the trip more fun.

Are your utensils too much? Need a convenient multi-purpose bag to store small, miscellaneous things on trips? This multi-purpose travel bag will be your great assistant to keep things surprisingly tidy. You travel, the backpack is a convenient choice to store clothes and personal belongings as a great choice if you want to keep your personal belongings neatly, and can be worn and carried anywhere. with a dynamic, personal style.

Other bags

military bag store guns, equipments

Besides the bags above,  Hoang Ngan company is proud of being a outstanding manufacturer other several bags like military bags and backpacks, laptop bags, electric accessory bags. 

bag store laptop, books, notebook, and other things


In conclusion, depending on the size and purpose of use, Hoang Ngan designs many different types of bags: school bags, work bags, gym bags, shopping bags, thermal bags, pet carrier bag, specialized bags, etc., with the aim to meet the convenience of users. Consequently, with a variety of designs, you are comfortable wearing many different styles.

Hoang Ngan company is confident to be a factory that designs and manufactures OEM bags and backpacks with the quantity of hundreds of thousands of bags per month, always bringing a good experience to customers. Read more about us here.

Let’s go with Hoang Ngan company to carry bags everywhere.
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